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      Colonialism is a skateboard company based out of Regina, Saskatchewan in Treaty 4 (1874) territory. Our primary objective is to educate the public on elements of the history and culture of Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) in Canada through our love for skateboarding. For decades, efforts have been made to rewrite and even conceal the history of colonization in what we now call ‘Canada’. Indigenous peoples have all too often been depicted in a negative light, frequently labelled as ‘savages’ or ‘free loaders’ in the context of Canada’s historical development. Meanwhile, European settlers or colonizers have often been described as our nation’s great ‘pioneers and the nature of colonization in which they took part is less frequently (if at all) recognized and discussed. Similarly overlooked is the legacy of historical colonial policies and legislation-including the Indian Act, Residential School system, reserve system, and the Sixties-Scoop and how they continue to affect various aspects of Indigenous peoples’ lives.

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